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Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

  • Choose between the 650mah, 1100mah, 650mah dual, or the 1100mah dual electronic cigarette starter kits.
  • Each Starter Kit includes everything you need to have the best vaping experience possible.
  • no need to carry a bulky charging pack around. Our smallest 650mah battery outlasts the leading 250mah batteries used by Blu and Njoy. You can Vape all day with one battery that fits right in your pocket.
  • Includes a free 10ml bottle of e-liquid (equal to approximately 2100 puffs!).
  • Now, you CAN smoke virtually anywhere!



  • No tobacco smoke, no ash, no smell!
  • Replicates a traditional cigarette with great vapor production and consistency.
  • Various nicotine levels to suit all smokers.
  • A single BOTTLE lasts for approximately 2100 puffs.
  • All flavors made in the USA, with THE FINEST FOOD GRADE INGREDIENTS.
  • SAVORY VAPORS uses a bottle design that is easy to use. 

Why SAVORY VAPORS is the Best choice for your Electronic Cigarette

Easy-to-Use system

  • Simple USB charging: just screw it n the charger and plug it up.
  • Durable and stylish, elegant design and no need for a bulky pack.

Variety and Quality of E-liquids

  • Great vapor volume
  • Intense, rich flavors made with minimal ingredients
  • long tip design for easy use
  • Approximately 2100 puffs per bottle
  • Made in the USA with the best food grade ingredients


Benefits Over Traditional Cigarettes

  • No Ash, No Smell
  • No tobacco smoke, only vapor
  • Smoke in many places where traditional cigarettes aren’t allowed!
  • Over 500% cheaper than buying cigarettes
  • More socially acceptable than cigarettes

Benefits Over other electronic Cigarettes

  • Great quality at better prices: we offer the same quality products much better prices than the leading brands
  • Unlike our competitors, our batteries are designed so you can vape all day without needing a charge. So you don't have to carry that charging case around
  • Knowledgeable staff. We are proud to say that all of our employees are former smokers who are now passionate about vaping
  • Over 500% cheaper than buying cigarettes
  • More socially acceptable than cigarettes

Customer Satisfaction

  • We pride ourselves in giving customers more choices and more freedom
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Free shipping on all products
  • Full customer service

We are here to help, Contact us  with any questions or to find out more information
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About Us

Savory Vapors, located in Chicago, Illinois, offers high-quality E-liquids, electronic cigarettes and supplies. Our E-liquids are made from food-grade ingredients with the perfect blend of PG/VG. Our company offers more than five years of experience selecting the best e-liquids and e-cigarette kits available. We are passionate about vaping and test all our products before we decide to put them on our site for sale.